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We are committed to fulfilling the great commission of Jesus, to "Go and make disciples of all the nations." This starts with sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ in a community and culminates with a strong local church that continues to teach the Bible to believers, shares the Gospel with all, cares for orphans and widows, meets the basic needs and transforms their community for the glory of God.

We celebrate the past victories God has granted us over the last 119 years of doing local and global missions. In just the last few years God has granted us the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with about 5 million people globally, to establish over 50 daughter churches, to assist in training 45,000 pastors to teach the Bible, to provide wells for needy people and care for hundreds of orphans.

We anticipate that in 2015 Jesus will continue to build His church locally and globally. Now is the time to act: pray, give and go!


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Our 2015 Missions Goals:

  • To support our sponsored missionaries around the world (this is 1/3 of our total church budget): North America, Great Britain, Italy, Ukraine, Central and Southeast Asia, Papua New Guinea, West and Central Africa, India, Brazil, and Peru.
  • To encourage and facilitate short-term service opportunities for our church family around the world. 
  • To continue our partnership in Uganda:
    • To take the Gospel to 2 new communities
    • To establish 2 new daughter churches
    • To provide 2 water wells in communities
    • To help care for 200 new orphans
    • To train 50 indigenous pastors in Biblical preaching
    • To provide a pastor's conference for our 200 trained leaders 

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