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For over 100 years, Cornerstone has been committed to fulfilling the great commission of Jesus, to “go and make disciples of all the nations.”

We desire to see God’s Word have a world-wide impact by encouraging and facilitating people serving on short term mission trips, mentoring those who desire to serve in full time ministry, and to send and support those who obey God’s call to full time ministry.

Our church family supports full time missionaries and organizations around the world in prayer, finances, and encouragement. 

As needs arise, Cornerstone seeks to be involved in meeting those needs, whether they are in the US or in other countries around the world.  Meeting physical needs is often a first critical step in showing the love of Christ, paving the way for others to share the love of Christ demonstrated through the gospel message. 

Where possible, along with our church planting efforts we sponsor the digging of fresh water wells to provide clean, safe drinking water for people living in those areas.

We encourage the sponsorship of orphans through a number of different organizations.  Locally we partner with several organizations that minister to the needs of children in Mexico, helping to meet physical as well as material needs.

We encourage our church family to seek service opportunities around the world.  This past year some of our church family served overseas in orphanages, street ministries, evangelism teams, church plants and in teaching ESL.


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Our 2013 Missions Goals:

  • To support our sponsored missionaries around the world. 
  • To plant 3 new daughter churches.
  • To reach 1 million people with the gospel.
  • To encourage and train 10,000 pastors in Africa.
  • To train 50 indigenous pastors in Biblical preaching.
  • To see 50 new indigenous churches planted.
  • To encourage and facilitate short-term service opportunities for our church family.


2012 Missions Re-Cap

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Pastoral & Leadership Training

  • 23 indigenous pastors were trained and sent out to the work of the ministry.

Church Planting & Ministry Enhancement

  • God allowed us to assist in planting 4 new churches in central East Africa.

 Compassionate Care

  • God opened the door for Cornerstone to provide a well for the village of Amurie, Uganda. Prior to this the people had to carry their drinking water over a mile. The water supply was often contaminated, resulting in sickness, disease and even death. The 2012 video shows it all!
  • James 1 tells us to care for the forgotten. In 2012 God has made it possible for us to care for 20 women and 115 children through a micro loan ministry, called Ladies Purse.  Additionally, through all of our church plants, many orphans are being cared for on a daily basis.



Click here to watch Cornerstone's 2014 Dresses to Africa Project re-cap. 


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