TERM Seminar

When: Saturday, October 24 from 9:00am-5:00pm

What is TERM?
When sharing the gospel, many of us quote John 3:16 or pass out gospel tracts. We appeal to the fact that God has a wonderful plan for each person. But recently, our efforts have often been met with blank stares or harsh criticism. Of those who do profess Christ, many fall by the wayside or show no evidence of understanding. Some believers are plagued by a nagging doubt—does the gospel have the power to truly change lives?

TERM is a time to stop and rethink evangelism in the context of our diverse, ever-changing world.

The seminar looks into Scripture to see what it has to say about sharing the gospel clearly. In the process, an approach springs to light that Jesus himself used. Learn why The Emmaus Road Message (TERM) has proven so effective—whether we are engaging the confused, the seeker or the hardened.

TERM will enable you to use the chronological approach to evangelism that has benefited so many around the world. See how the power of the historical narrative overcomes obstacles and enhances clarity. Learn simple, everyday methods for communicating the Bible’s life-changing message.


Early Bird:

Individual: $45

Married Couples: $65 (Note: couples share one set of materials)

Regular: (from Oct. 10)

Individual: $55

Married Couples: $75 (Note: couples share one set of materials)

Groups of 10 or more will be given a 15% discount. Please call 208.665.2333.


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4th Annual Trunk or Treat

Bring your decorated vehicle and be involved in our 4th Annual Trunk or Treat! Your vehicle can be anything from super heroes, movies, fall-themed, animals, biblical... be creative! We also ask that you provide a game or other activity at your trunk to get the kids involved. If you are able, please provide your own candy. We will have refill candy available for you should you run out.

If you're not able to decorate a vehicle, please donate individually wrapped candy. You can drop it off at the Children's Check-In counter, the Information Center or the Church Office.

We are so excited to host this exciting event for our community!

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